My Arcade Machines

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Arcade Universe

This is a custom built cab that breaks down into 3 pieces. It has a Golden Tee trackball and a 25" arcade monitor.  It runs a custom frontend and uses a Matrox card for 640x480 interlaced.  This cab was sold.




This is a custom built cab with a unique two tiered control panel and a 27" arcade monitor that worked with VGA frequencies. It featured a 3" trackball, custom built spinner, top-fire joystick and 4-way ball top joystick for classic games. This cab was disassembled to built STARCADE.




This cab was given to me.  I loved the design but it was too big to get in to house.  I ended up giving it to a guy from Cleveland who converted it into a cool MAME cab.  I will post the pictures when I find them.




This is my current cab.  The cab was given to me by a local vendor.  It featured the monitor from my disassembled MAME cab and a simplified control panel and light gun.  I picked STARCADE because I thought it was unique only to discover that there was a  television show in to 80's called Starcade .




Time Warp Arcade

This was an old Street Figher cab I converted to MAME.  It featured a custom made spinner, 4/8 way joystick and an old Tron joystick.  It used a television with S-Video input for the monitor.  This cabinet was sold.



Unknown Cab

This cab was the only one I ever bought on Ebay.  I loved the design but I have no idea what it used to be.  It turned out to be too big to get in the door so I gave it away.




There are other cabs I have owned but I am still looking for pictures.  Some of my other projects are


Bon Voyage

This 1963 pinball table was given to me by the father of a friend.  He was moving from New York to Ohio and was going to leave this machine.  When I heard I asked him if he would mind if I had it.  He said no problem and brought it with him and the rest is history.



Bun Bun Bun

This Japanese style slot machine was purchased at an arcade auction for $15.  It is missing it's wheel stop board but still works pretty well.  It anyone has any info on this machine I would appreciate it.





This cocktail cab was purchased but yet to be converted.  It was completely gutted. For now it makes a nice stand for the slot machine.